Important Considerations When Dating Asian Woman

Dating an Asian woman can seem intimidating for those only used to dating among their own ethnicity, but it doesn’t have to be. Relating to another person, regardless of their gender or background, is always a matter of knowledge and understanding. Even the most thick-headed and culturally insensitive western guy can successfully dating Asian woman if he remembers certain key bits of information.

First, remember that you should not focus on your date’s ethnicity. Just because she comes from a different culture does not mean she is fundamentally different from other women. All women, regardless of their ethnicity, are individuals who deserve to be treated with respect. As an individual, make sure to base your behavior towards her on her own specific needs, concerns, and personality traits, rather than on her ethnicity.

That being said, recognize the influence that their home culture has on women of far-eastern descent. Assuming that we are talking about women from China, Japan, Korea, or culturally similar nations, family and culture are very important in forming their behavior. More than with the typical western female, it will be important for you to learn about your date’s family and cultural background. This is not for conversational use as much as it is to prepare you to interact with her more smoothly and naturally.

Do not try to emulate her culture. Anything you learn about her family’s way of life should be kept in reserve for use when the appropriate context arises. You want to appear culturally sensitive and worldly while still remaining a partial outsider. Nothing is more suspicious than a man who appears to have abandoned his own culture in order to gain favor.

Be a gentleman. Eastern culture is approximately where western culture was 50 years ago in terms of male-female relations. Do things like holding open doors for your date, paying for dinner in full, and generally treating her like a lady. Always be respectful and deferential while remaining strong and authoritative, and do not try to suck up to her. Make her feel as if you are both playing your prescribed societal role.

Realize that while she has certain cultural expectations of you, you should try to be yourself. This is true with all women. Women appreciate men who act comfortable and natural around them. In addition, it is good for your date to get to know you just as much as it is for you to get to know her.

Compliment your date. Eastern women are generally more openly feminine and put a lot of time into their appearance and mannerisms. Make sure to recognize this so that her efforts do not go unnoticed. Tell her that she is pretty, that she dresses well, and that she is ladylike. Don’t gush, but make sure she gets the point.